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Danie Kolver

The Accreditation Unit serves beneficiaries of medical schemes, brokers, administrators and managed care organisations by assessing the extent to which these entities meet the conditions set out for accreditation by the Medical Schemes Act, including whether applicants are fit and proper, have the necessary infrastructure and are financially sound. We ensure that team members are competent by providing ongoing support in such manner where continued learning and effective communication is practiced.

By doing this we contribute towards the Council for Medical Schemes objectives ensuring that entities contracting with medical schemes have been duly accredited as required by the Act.

The Accreditation unit is headed by Mr. Danie Kolver.

The unit's role is to:

  • Accredit brokers, administrators of medical schemes and managed care organizations.
  • Investigate complaints against accredited entities listed above
  • Develop standards, criteria and service level for accredited entities
  • Ensure compliance by entities with conditions for accreditation
  • Render advisory services with regard to accreditation matters


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