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Research & Monitoring

The Research and Monitoring Unit serves beneficiaries of medical schemes and members of the public by collecting and analyzing data to monitor, evaluate and report on trends in medical schemes and develop recommendations to improve the regulatory policy and practice.

By doing this they help the Council for Medical Schemes to contribute to development of policy that enhances the protection of the interests of beneficiaries and members of public.

The Research and Monitoring Unit comprises a team of multidisciplinary professionals with skills in health economics, statistics, epidemiology, public health and financial analysis.

The team is responsible for monitoring the impact of the Act, researching developments and recommending policy options to the Department and Ministry of Health, to improve the regulatory environment.

Research conducted by the unit currently covers the areas of utilisation of health care services in the private sector, strengthening governance in medical schemes by proposing a framework for trustee remuneration and development of a process for measuring quality and outcomes in the private health care sector. Research methods include a combination of literature reviews, consultative processes, surveys and statistical tools. Research output is often disseminated to the medical schemes industry through publication of monographs and presentations at industry consultative forums.

The unit also analyses the non-financial portion of the statutory returns from medical schemes which focuses on geographic, demographic and health care utilisation indicators. This contributes to the production of quarterly and annual reports of the Registrar of Medical Schemes. Several research reports are currently available that have been generated by the unit some of which can be found on the publications portal of the CMS website. Others can be obtained on request from the Council.

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