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2012 News
Notice: Office closed
21 December 2012
First CMS Indaba 2012
11 November 2012
Medical schemes must pay in full for sack hernias
28 September 2012
Regulator of medical schemes concerned over false advertising, high administration fees
18 September 2012
Sizwe Medical Fund under provisional curatorship
05 September 2012
Regulator of medical schemes releases Annual Report 2011-2012
04 September 2012
The Council for Medical Schemes has just released its latest Annual Report, for the 2011-2012 financial year. The report contains an overview of the operations of medical schemes in their 2011 financial year as well as a summary of Council’s activities in its financial year spanning 1 April 2011 to...
Bonitas and Pro Sano merger - correction of dates
31 August 2012
Bonitas Medical Fund curatorship lifted today
31 August 2012
Regulator of medical schemes launches Annual Report 2011-2012: invitation to press conference
30 August 2012
Regulator of medical schemes invites trustees to its Annual Report 2011-2012 road shows in Cape Town and Johannesburg
27 August 2012
The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) invites Principal Officers, Chairpersons of Boards and other Board members to a presentation and discussion of its Annual Report 2011-2012 and latest industry trends. The presentations will take place in Cape Town and Johannesburg in September. To find out more and to book your...
Resolution and NIMAS Merger
27 July 2012
Council "best-suited" to continue regulating medical schemes
20 July 2012
Dr Monwabisi Gantsho, Registrar of Medical Schemes and Chief Executive of the Council for Medical Schemes, refutes media reports alleging that the National Consumer Commissioner has taken Council to court over allowing medical schemes to allegedly discriminate against women and foreign nationals. To read the full press release, please click...
Take club foot in hand
26 June 2012
Trustee Training 2012 Invitation
11 June 2012
The CMS salutes the late paleoanthropologist, Prof. Phillip Tobias
08 June 2012
Guaranteed medical scheme benefits stand
16 May 2012
Government Employees Medical Scheme cannot pick and choose
11 May 2012
An independent appeal board has ruled that the Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) must accept any and all who wish to join the scheme, the only condition being that the applicants be previous or current employees of the South African government or a public entity created by statute. For the...
Treasury and Health clarify draft Regulations on demarcation between medical schemes and health insurance products
16 April 2012
The recent public and media statements and comments on the draft demarcation Regulations have prompted the need to provide a joint statement by the two departments, in an effort to clarify certain potential misunderstandings. Medical schemes and health insurance products are different and it is important for the public to...
Administrator Training Workshop
09 March 2012
Minister of Finance releases draft Regulations on the demarcation between health insurance policies and medical schemes
05 March 2012
The Minister of Finance has released draft Regulations which aim to distinguish health insurance products from medical schemes. National Treasury’s press release and the draft Regulations can also be found on the website of the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS). To see the press release, click here. To see the...
2012 Administrator Workshop
09 February 2012
The Office of the Registrar of Medical Schemes will be presenting a workshop to parties affected by these changes during March 2012. We are aware that this is the period when you are preparing for the annual audit of your schemes, but would like to encourage you to attend this...
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